To help people embark on an adventure both personal and spiritual.

Karma Rinpoche and Judy Arpana have been leading pilgrimages in North India since 1995. The uniqueness of this tour comes from their special connections with highly regarded Lamas and Yogis and receive once in a lifetime teachings. Pilgrims on the tour experience the wide-ranging cultural diversity and scenic wonder of the area.
The pilgrimage came out of Judy’s openness and desire to share the extraordinary opportunities that appear when you are ready to step out of what’s familiar and step into the unknown. North India Pilgrimage is an independent organisation with a passion for building bridges between cultures and people.


Our aim is always to encourage local people to sustain their unique lifestyle rather than distort it for tourism. When we journey to any location we see ourselves participating in a cultural exchange with the people rather than tourists travelling for personal gratification. There will inevitably be an impact on both sides from such an encounter; we strive to keep this positive for both the traveller and the local resident.