The Guides
Judy Arpana
Ngakpa Karma Lhundup Rinpoche
Judy’s experience with India is beyond counting. Suffice to say she is a teacher, guide and storyteller who truly lives the path of the Wise Woman. Together with Karma Rinpoche she leads the Pilgrimage Tours in India which she brings to life with tales from her adventurous past. Auspicious meetings with Lamas and practitioners are only possible in a short time if you have a well connected guide, which is exactly what you get with Judy leading a journey. You get access to sacred places in a way that would be simply impossible if you were travelling alone, or even with another guide. You are invited by them to visit some of the most unique and incredible people and places that are otherwise simply not available to the casual visitor.
A genuine Lama, practitioner and teacher of Tibetan Buddhist tantra and sutra, Karma is the real deal! Travelling with Karma is an opportunity not to be taken lightly. Through Karma you are given the chance to meet with amazing beings who only grant access to a select few. A genuinely humble person, Karma completed his three year, three month retreat under the late master Ngakpa Yeshe Dorje, also known as the Tibetan Weatherman, for his ability to control the weather. You will long remember Karma’s stories, kindness, wit and wisdom.
Karma is an experienced translator which enables our pilgrims to recieve teachings in English.