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I joined the pilgrimage to India with Judy Arpana to fulfil a dream to return to a country I had visited as a teenager. I was not disappointed.

The itinerary was perfectly balanced allowing opportunities to relax and process our experiences before the next adventure began. Indeed the pilgrimage did feel like an adventure as we explored towns, passed through villages and walked over the remarkable terrain of the foothills of the Himalayas to visit Buddhist temples, and listen to the teachings of nuns and lamas…

I am a Christian and I felt blessed to be given such insights into the ancient and fascinating history of Buddhism …

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Perhaps, until I took that Pilgrimage with Judy, I too was of the mistaken belief that I could have been seen to be wasting away my life… I have been blessed and now realise fully the impermanence of My Life…

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Feedback from 2017 Pilgrimage

I went on this trip with no expectations or preconceived ideas and was totally delighted with my experience.

Our guides were incredible and looked after our every need constantly. The accommodation was always clean and very comfortable. The total experience was a journey of discovery…

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Feedback from 2017 Pilgrimage

The amazing number of local people we were able to meet over a 2 week period was testimony to the long connection that Judy has had with India and the Tibetan community there…

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Imagine having access to extraordinary Tibetan Buddhist masters, beautiful and sacred sites and hidden meditation caves where yogis years spend years at a time, all in the company of a highly accomplished Lama with excellent English, Karma Lhundup Rinpoche.

Led by Judy Arpana, a well-known spiritual consultant from Lismore and Karma Rinpoche, their annual October Pilgrimage to Northern India is an amazing opportunity to step into another world, discover fascinating aspects of Tibetan culture and medicine and deepen your spiritual understanding with a small group of like-minded people.

 “We travel like a family, for example in the beginning we shake hands and at the end at the airport we all hug,” Karma chuckled…

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New Delhi at dawn; fumes, vehicles, noise, a veritable assault on the senses and we were only 10 metres from the airport… This was the first of many times I was to be grateful for having Judy as our ‘Fearless Leader’.

Left to my own devices, I would still be at the airport curled in the foetal position, whimpering softly and pleading to be left alone. Not for us the 15-hour wait at the bus station, or that undignified screaming match with the unhelpful, smiling bastard at the railway booking office.

We had only to make really earth-shattering decisions like should I have ginger tea or chai, or where should we meet for lunch?e volumes with a nod and a smile…

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When contemplating trip to India there are plenty of people willing to talk to you cheerfully and in lurid detail about typhoid, crowds, dirt, poverty, tummy bugs and all round awfulness. I sometimes wonder if these folk have been to the sub-continent.

India weaves a spell that is so enchanting and magical, it is life changing…

Judy and Karma took great care of us. All I had to do was show up, ready to travel, eat, explore, and be amazed… The major bonus was that we went to places off the beaten track. Places of holiness and delight…

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Judy’s Pilgrimages to Northern India are truly an insightful way of immersing oneself into the beauty and culture of this fabulous land.

Judy’s knowledge of India is remarkable and her connection with this ancient land and its people help make a pilgrimage with her, Karma and Lily a truly memorable life experience…

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There are really no adequate words to express what going with Judy to India has done for my life…

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THE only way to visit North India is with Judy Arpana. I still remember the most interesting people we met on the way, the food shared with fellow travellers, the laughs along the way… definitely not your normal tour to India… thank goodness.

Testimonial: Julie; joined us in 2010, 2014, 2015


I had wanted to go to India ever since I was a young girl. Something holy and mystical awaited there, I was sure.

But I was afraid to go: afraid of being overwhelmed by sheer numbers, the depth of poverty, the number of beggars and the possibility of becoming very sick. I didn’t hold these fears about Bali, Fiji, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos, but I did become quite sick in three of those places and was hospitalised in Phnom Penh!

When I saw a small group Cultural Tour of South India mentioned on Facebook I knew this was the time. Tour leader Judy Arpana is an expert on India and has led so many tours there that I knew I’d be in safe hands…

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