Judy Arpana is a leader of cultural tours & pilgrimages to India, spiritual care consultant, counsellor, seminar facilitator and she provides supervision to people in the helping professions.

Since 1995 she has been leading small groups of people with Ngakpa Lama Karma Lhundup Rinpoche to the heartland of Tibetan Buddhism in the foothills of the Himalayas and other holy Buddhist places in India.

Between Judy & Karma, they have over 40 years of experience travelling in India and studying Buddhism. Judy first went to India in 1975, and holds a wild repertoire of experience under her belt not exclusive to Buddhism or religious studies, but a woman who we can really say went to the “School of Life”.

In addition to the long-run itinerary to Himachal Pradesh, she also offers personally designed tours based on your places of interest.

As a spiritual care consultant and educator Judy offers seminars to health care professionals, people with life limiting illness and anyone interested in learning more about end of life preparation.

Judy also provides grief and loss counselling and supervision for medical professionals.


I joined the pilgrimage to India with Judy Arpana to fulfil a dream to return to a country I had visited as a teenager. I was not disappointed.

The itinerary was perfectly balanced allowing opportunities to relax and process our experiences before the next adventure began.

Indeed the pilgrimage did feel like an adventure as we explored towns, passed through villages and walked over the remarkable terrain of the foothills of the Himalayas to visit Buddhist temples, and listen to the teachings of nuns and lamas.

Every day was different, from the tranquility experienced in monasteries hidden high up in the mountains to the noise and clatter of towns, from the sound of young monks loudly debating to the calm, coolness of an early morning circumambulation around the Dalai Lamas residence in McLeod Ganj.

The essence of Tibetan Buddhism is everywhere in this magical part of India, a still, calming and refreshing thread woven comfortably through and mixing with other faiths, cultures, customs and lifestyles.

Judy’s knowledge and love for this country and it’s history is present in every story told, the love demonstrated to her by esteemed nuns and lamas is evident with every precious audience we were invited to. Karma, our guide and teacher, also embraced us all so that I felt like a treasured family member.

I am a Christian and I felt blessed to be given such insights into the ancient and fascinating history of Buddhism and how it was brought to the people of this region, to learn about the plight of Tibetan refugees, to see the resilience of survivors and their families in their new settlement. My beliefs were both challenged and enriched by this experience.

I would heartily recommend this pilgrimage to anyone who wants to know more about northern India and Tibetan Buddhism.

The pilgrimage provides an exclusive opportunity to be immersed in culture and custom but even more so if you are seeking a small, intimate tour group devoid of the challenges of large organised tours.

This well constructed tour is put together by Judy, Karma and Lily with such expertise and the small group dynamic is effortlessly managed so that we quickly became a tight knit, loving, caring albeit temporary family.

Ellie, Himachal Pradesh 2017

Just 5 years ago, in 2013, I embarked on the most wonderful journey of my lifetime…

Joining Judy Arpana’s Buddhist Pilgrimage to Northern India was when I truly realised that up until that journey (and like many other people with the same mind-set) that we are all under “the influence of permanence” and we imagine there is always lots of time remaining in our lives…

Perhaps, until I took that Pilgrimage with Judy, I too was of the mistaken belief that I could have been seen to be wasting away my life… I have been blessed and now realise fully the impermanence of My Life…

Consider contacting Judy Arpana about this year’s upcoming journey to Northern India… you will not be disappointed – your awakening awaits you there.


Nora, Himachal Pradesh 2013

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