Being a non-Buddhist on a Buddhist pilgrimage

We frequently get asked:

“Do I need to be a Buddhist to go on your pilgrimage?”


In fact, the majority of people who join us on pilgrimage are not Buddhists but people looking to experience India in a different way, those with a keen interest to learn about both Tibetan and Indian culture with the ease of your trip being lead by two knowledgeable and personable guides.


We are not your average package holiday, nor a religious trek, but a cultural tour somewhere in between. Buddhism is practiced by 99% of Tibetans and therefore plays a crucial part in their daily life. Tibetan Buddhism has a rich and fascinating history, both highly intellectual & mystical. The architecture is mind blowing, colourful and ornate. The food is healthy, simple and delicious. The people are unbelievably generous, have a great sense of humour and are rich in tradition. This world we live in has so much to teach us, our learning is never done.


“Pilgrimage” is traditionally defined as “a journey to a place of particular interest or significance”. In modern literature, it is said to mean, “life viewed as a journey”.

Through this pilgrimage, we hope to offer you new experiences. From these experiences, we have the opportunity to grow, live more compassionately, enjoy daily life and embrace its simplicities.


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